Participation of MCSM in the national target scientific and technical space program

Ensure the functioning of the elements of the ground control complex of National Satellite Communication System "Lybid".

Ensure the functioning of the control - correcting stations of Coordinate-time and navigation support systems of Ukraine.

Future projects:

Development of Concept and creation together with SRI NASU - SSA of Ukrainian space weather forecast center

Participation in the creation of the sub-satellite geophysical monitoring system

Participation of MCSM in the National system of seismic observations of Ukraine

Improving the functioning of the National Data Center of Systems

Development and implementation of a special software 

Completing the transition to digital recording and processing of geophysical data 

Development of observation sites and data transmission systems 

Creating a layout of earthquake early warning system 

Searching predictors of earthquakes

Participation of MCSM in the Unified State Automated Radiation Monitoring System

Improvement ARMS MCSM 

Development and upgrading of observation sites 

Using the power of the International Monitoring System

Participation of MCSM in events

Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization 

Operation and maintenance of PS-45 seismic stations and participation in its modernization 

Participation in projects of the CTBT Organization 

Improvement of National Data Center (NDC)

Participation of MCSM in the state target scientific and technical program of research in Antarctica for 2011 -2020 years

Geophysical and geospatial studies 

Research related to earthquake precursors 

Using of the obtained information for solving of monitoring of dangerous geophysical phenomena on the territory of Ukraine 

The use of geophysical data for the operational work