Radiation monitoring system

Main center of special monitoring carry out monitoring of radiation situation.

Monitoring of radiation situation is carried out in order to:

To monitor the radiation situation the radiation monitoring system of Main center of the special monitoring was established (RMS MCSM).

RMS MCSM performs system monitoring of gamma background and the concentration of radioactive substances in the air in order to identify the content of radionuclides in the atmosphere, their identification, fixation of exceeded target levels and to inform the relevant public authorities (information is provided by subordination and concerned ministries and departments).

Monitoring of gamma background provides for the control of exposure dose rate (EDR) of gamma-rays and analysis of the data of EDR.

Monitoring of the concentration of radioactive substances in the air provides air sampling, their processing and analysis.

Україна АСКРО

As participant of international projects MCSM has access to the CTBTO International radionuclide monitoring system network. In order to obtain aggregated data on radionuclide composition of air in Ukraine and on the territory of the globe, predict the direction of their distribution in MCSM carried out analysis of data from the radionuclide stations of the International Monitoring System.


International System of Radionuclide Monitoring CTBTO

Україна ОДЗЯВ

In order to improve the early detection of the facts of the radiation level, analysis and forecasting of the possible effects on the territory of Ukraine and neighboring countries, carried out periodic monitoring of the results of measurements of dose rate of gamma radiation from other surveillance systems.

For effective integration into a single automated radiation monitoring system being modernized RMS MCSM, which is to provide a new facilities of radiation monitoring, which have been certified and listed in the State Register of measuring instruments of Ukraine and other countries of the world.