VLF-radio monitoring

VLF-radio method designed to detect electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which occur in the atmosphere and outer space as a result of strong electrical discharges, that can be caused due to nuclear explosions, storm activity and other geophysical phenomena. 

The band in the range of 9-50 kHz dynamic range of 80 dB with a noise amplitude of 1-3 mV and a sampling time of 3 ms to 1 s over distances (depending on the source of power) over 5000 km. 

VLF-radio monitoring means are placed in the two observation sites on the territory of Ukraine: Mayin (Zhytomyr region) and Kam''yanets'-Podil's'kyy (Khmelnytsky region).

At observation sites direction-finders of electromagnetic pulses and data collection and storage equipment are placed. 

All measurement data is supplied in digital form to the National Information Center, for processing and interpretation.