What is the estimated intense earthquake?

The estimated intensity of earthquake - intensity value, calculated using the appropriate mathematical apparatus.

 Leading seismological service only determine earthquake magnitude and intensity values ​​measured by the nature of the damage directly to the place of its origin.  Assessing the impact of the earthquake may take a long time required for examination specialists in the region where the earthquake was felt, determining the degree of damage to buildings, changes in the earth's surface topography, survey eyewitnesses and others.  


An example of the devastating earthquake intensity of 9 points (on a scale MSK-64) 24 August 2016, Italy (Amatriche)

To assess the possible effects of the earthquake are formulas intensity of the source and the distance from it.  It must be remembered that the value of the estimated intensity at a particular location may differ from the real, depending on the types of plants, propagation of seismic waves conditions, soil types and so on.